We are proud to announce our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
We are so confident in the quality of our care, that we are pleased to offer a 100% Satisfaction, or your money back guarantee.

To our knowledge we are the only massage business in the Cowlitz County area that is confident enough to offer a full money back guarantee. In our years of doing massage therapy in this community, continuous yearly continuing education in both traditional and modern methods of healing, and receiving bodywork from different facility types in this are and beyond, we have concluded that styles, experience, price and techniques vary widely in the industry of massage.
"deep tissue massage" at a Spa most of the time not what we consider deep, or even a treatment-based massage.  We frequently receive clients that have come from other places unsatisfied, upset that the money they paid was not congruent with the treatment they received.
In order to avoid subjecting you to the same disappointment,  we offer sessions that are “Risk-Free”! If we fail to deliver a quality massage treatment, or we fail to give you the massage treatment you paid for, and you are not satisfied with your massage session, you do not pay. Our business prides itself on continuing to provide the best massage therapy in the area, and any complaint is viewed as a chance to learn from our patrons on how we can continue to do so.
To qualify for our money back guarantee… 
1. Book a 60 or 90 minute massage (30 min. sessions not included)
2. Give us a detailed explanation of why your massage session did not meet your expectations within 5 days after your massage appointment via email or call us at (360) 353-5680 and ask for Mandie.
3. Try another session at our clinic so that we may have the opportunity to improve your experience and our practice.
Important notice: For all new clients, in order to qualify for our money back guarantee, you must book our standard 60 minute session (3 and 90 minute sessions are not included in the guarantee for new patients). a minimum of 60 minutes allows time to properly evaluate and treat your body. 

Some of our clients have experienced bruising from our Deep Tissue and Medical/Clinical Massage Therapy.
These two types of massages can cause this, so if this is NOT a desired outcome of your massage please 
let your therapist know verbally as well as write it on your health intake form you are given on your first visit. 
We can also add this as an “alert” on your file, and do our best to avoid techniques that would cause bruising. 
Bruising can happen at times with even light pressure and alone is not a qualifying reason for requesting a 
refund. Wellness Bodywork will consider any request to take advantage of our money back guarantee, but 
reserves the right to deny a refund request if we feel the complaint is unreasonable or was something out of the 
direct control of our massage therapists. Complaints like "Not deep enough massage" or "too deep" will not be 
considered valid if you did not verbally communiate wanting lighter/deeper work to your massage therapist during 
the session. Remember, "Deep" Tissue means something different for everyone and it may take us a few minutes in 
your session to find your perfect pressure. 

Your massage therapy session with us will be with a massage therapist that is licensed by the State of  Washington, 
 insured, and registered with Washington Sate Department of Health who regulate massage licenses in Washington. 
If you would like to search and view our massage licenses, or the license of another provider on the Department of Health website, click here.
Northwest Wellness Therapeutic Massage