Did You Know Massage Therapy Can Help With:

Headaches & Migraines
Migraine headaches are caused by intense dilations or contractions of the brain nerves. It's estimated that 10 percent of the population suffers from migraines on a fairly consistent basis. Alternative medicine, considered to be any type of treatment which isn't normally used in "conventional medicine," may help alleviate migraine headaches and their associated symptoms, including loss of vision, speech problems and weakness. Massage therapy ais one of the most of the more commonly-prescribed alternative medicine treatments for migraine headaches. Massage therapy involves the manipulation of tissue to reduce headache-causing tension. Acupressure and Trigger Point therapy uses deep pressures at carefully selected points to reduce the occurrence and effects of migraine headaches. 

Decide which type of massage therapy you'd like to use. Migraine sufferers may want to consider a deep tissue or pressure point massage like shiatsu or trigger point.