In ten minutes, we can turn ten negatives into ten positives. The benefits of corporate massage improve your bottom line.

Our customized on-site chair massage program can take as little as ten minutes a week, yet the benefits last a lifetime. When employees are thriving, business thrives, too.

Pressure from work can cause:
High Blood Pressure/Poor Circulation
Arthritis and Joint Problems
Neck and Back Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Muscle Spasms
Stress/Tension Headaches
Muscle Tension and Aches
Fatigue/Poor Concentration

Massage therapy helps:
Prevent injury.
Boost immune systems.
Lift morale.
Ease away tension headaches.
Relieve physical and mental strain.
Rev up brainpower by increasing blood flow.
Reduce the adverse effects of staying in one position too long.
Relieve muscle strains that eventually lead to Repetitive Strain and Motion Injuries
Identify tender areas that need attention before becoming serious problems.
Motivate employees to take better care of their health.

The new prescription to prevent injury and protect profits. 
We’re talking a huge return on investment.
Health care costs have skyrocketed, while employees face more ailment-causing stresses than ever before. That’s why more and more companies are turning to Wellness Bodywork's on-site chair massage therapy as a preventative measure for their employees – and a high return on investment. Chair massage takes as little as 10 minutes, requires no learning time for employees and no additional supplies from employers. The results? The benefits of chair massage include increased productivity, improved office morale, stronger health and well-being, reduced employee sick days, and lower workers’ compensation claims and health care costs. The bottom line? A huge return on investment (ROI).

Employee injuries are a big pain in the neck. 
And a big dent in your profits.

Surgery to correct Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: $12,800 to $22,000+ (depending on location)
Average cost to employer per workplace injury: $16,000 (OSHA estimate)
Cost to business for healthcare and lost productivity of Repetitive Strain Injuries: $11 billion (US Bureau of Labor Statistics Research)
Average health cost for major companies per employee in one year: $8,676 (Hewitt Health Cost Research Report)

Average cost reduction for companies with health and wellness programs: 28% less sick leave, 26% less direct health care costs, and 30% reduction in workers’ comp and disability costs. (
Every dollar invested in health and wellness programs can save $3.48 in health care costs and $5.82 in losses due to absenteeism.
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